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Ms. Conley's Class Studies in the Snow!



Here we compared our heights to create various contour lines.

 Contour Lines


It took a few tries to create contour lines, and then we discovered it looked like a mountain.

  Ms. Conley's class decided to have an adventure in the snow! First, the students made several mountains- with both steep and gradual inclines. We used yardsticks to measure the elevation of each mountain. Most of our mountains were about 20 inches, so we decided to place our contour lines in intervals of 5 inches. We worked together using yardsticks and string to mark our contour lines. As we completed our contour lines and compared all our mountains we observed that the closer the contour lines, the steeper the mountain.









 *Contour lines: Imaginary lines that connect all points of the same elevation on a part of the earth's surface (such as mountains).


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