School is over for today....

Hurry home and there is time to play!!!

Just for Kids


Playing outdoors is lots of fun, but when it's time to come in and you want something to do, click on these sites on your computer to find games and other activities that you will enjoy.





Checkers. Will it be the red pieces or the black pieces that win the game this time? Java/32-bits.

Girl Tech. Games and fun are found on this Web page designed just for girls.

String Figures. Here is a site for kids who like to learn and play string games.

Fun Sites

Up to Ten  Kids games, coloring pages, free cards, and childrens songs.

National Geographic for Kids  Children's version including stories about animals, geography, the Earth, and more.

PBS Kids A fun portal with links to author sites and lots of fun activities.

Kids Domain  Family resource for all kinds of online games. Features lots of single and multiplayer games for kids of all ages

Fun Brain Cool games for kids by age and subject.  Also a great site for teachers and parents!

The Animal Page Have you ever wondered how different people describe the sounds animals make? Contained in the site are lists of common animals, with pictures and sounds animals make in 13 languages.

Castles on the Web Take a trip into the past as you explore great castles and imagine the scenes that once took place there. Be sure to scroll down to the button that says "Castles for Kids".

The Crayola Home Page  Love to color and draw with crayons?  Then this is the place for you!

Enchanted Learning  Although this site has the word "learning" in it, there is no end to the fun and interesting activities and information you will find here.

MaMaMedia  Have fun and play games, learn new jokes and some interesting facts.

Origami Page  On this site, maintained by Joseph Wu, you will find complete instructions for creating wonderful objects made by folding paper.


Sports Illustrated for Kids. No need to go to the newsstand. You can get the latest issue online.





Hope you had fun!!!