Herricks Elementary Schools-Inside Edition
Table of contents for this website Places to go on the web for technical support Take a look at Center Street's website! Take a look at Denton Avenue's website! Take a look at Searingtown's website!

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Latest notes from the computer lab
A look at each of the computer people and their role
A description of procedures for repairs, etc.
Technical advice on various equipment
A brief list of curriculum links on the web
Ideas for using technology in your classroom
Visit the home page of your library
A list and description of available technology

Places to go on the web for technical support


Lab Schedule
(only available from inside your respective school):

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Contact Information

 Computer teachers  

Center Street School:

Frank DeCelie

Denton Avenue School:

Noël Forte

 Searingtown School:

Anita Szybillo

 LAB Assistants   LAB Telephones

 Center Street:

Maria Cerullo

 Denton Avenue:

Alexa Ventimiglia


Lynn Giorgi

 Center Street ext. 291
 Denton Avenue ext. 292
 Searingtown ext. 293