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If your classroom computers are giving you trouble, please use the following procedure: Save your work, restart your computer, and then try to execute the process again.

If that hasn't worked, and you need some help, please look around for a colleague to help. It's been a problem for us in the computer lab to have the phone ringing constantly. We try to come by and provide some support, but we're not set up to operate like a fire house. Oftentimes when you call us in the lab, we have other chores and responsibilities and can't get to you in a timely fashion.

We also ask that if you require anything more than a brief answer, that you fill out a "Request for Repairs" form (available at the computer lab or online), so that we may apportion our time more productively.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!


As of the spring semester, your school has been assigned a permanent computer teacher. NoŽl Forte is assigned to the Denton Avenue School full-time. Anita Szybillo is at the Searingtown School. Frank DeCelie can be found at Center Street School. These assignments are scheduled to last through June, 2002.



Because of a growing need for web server space, Herricks is expanding its domain names. Previously, you would access all of the Herricks web pages by going to http://www.herricks.org and then clicking on the elementary school web site of your choice. Now, you can access each of the three schools by pointing your browser to http://www.herrickses.org (Note the "es" at the end of "herricks"), and clicking the school of your choice. In addition to the above changes, we also now have access to storage space at herrickses.org that can be made available to our various "departments," such as Art, Music, Computers, etc. If you have been thinking about how to provide information to colleagues, parents, students and others in our educational community, this might be the way.


Students who participated in career and technology education (CTE) in high school make good transitions to college and end up in higher-paying jobs after they complete college, according to a recent study from a Maryland school district. The report includes a number of strategies for making more high school students aware of and willing to participate in CTE.
Source: Montgomery County Public Schools