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There is a limited supply of replacement ink cartridges available in the computer lab for your use. We have been budgeted for approximately 2 replacement cartridges per printer per year. If the amount of cartridge use exceeds this threshold, we'll obviously run out of cartridges before the end of the year. Please use the color printers sparingly, and only print color documents as necessary. Use the laser printer in the lab to create black & white copies of documents, or xerox your documents on those occasions when color is not necessary. You might also obtain color paper and print the documents in black ink; the results can be very dramatic.

You should contact the computer lab teacher assistant with the model number of your printer, and request a replacement. If you require instruction on how to replace and install a new cartridge, please let them know. Please note that each color printer contains both a black and a color ink cartridge, with the black ink cartridge costing about $15 while the color cartridges cost about $25 each.










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We do not have a person specifically responsible for the repair of broken printers. Herricks uses an outside contractor to repair mechanical problems with our printers, and we generally have to wait until a sufficient number of repairs has accumulated before obtaining his services. If your printer requires repair, please obtain a repair request and send it to your computer lab assistant when such a repair is necessary.

In the meantime, we have noted that the vast majority of printer problems in fact are related to minor software glitches, and can be fixed by simply saving your document and then restarting the computer. The connection between your computer and your printer is like a phone call, and during the course of normal operation this "phone call" can be disrupted. The only way to reconnect with the printer at these times is to "redial" the printer by restarting your computer.









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If your monitor is not working (the on/off indicator light is off), make sure to press the on/off switch on the front of the monitor. If the switch is on, look at the rear of the monitor and make sure that the electrical cable has not disconnected from the monitor. Finally, check that the electrical cable is connected to a power strip somewhere nearby, and that this power strip is on.

If your monitor has a certain "tinge" of inappropriate color to it, check the small switchbox located on the computer table. By moving the switch slightly, you can reset the monitor to its normal colors.

Once in a while, a monitor will completely shut down and will require replacement. We have replaced a total of perhaps two dozen monitors in Herricks (out of a total of perhaps a thousand computers). If you have checked the electrical connections and find that the monitor is still out of service, please contact your computer lab teacher assistant for further assistance.









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There is no separate computer technology budget for paper. Each school obtains paper through its supply budget, and this paper is intended for use throughout the school. While most of the paper in each school is obviously used for the photo-copier machines, some amount is also intended for use in your school's technology equipment. Please note that the increasing use of paper and its increasing price have created an impact on its availability at times, and please conserve your use of paper wherever possible (and not just with your computer printers!). You may obtain paper in each school where it is stored, usually near your main copy machine.













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When the Educational Technology Committee originally decided to obtain "Destination" computers for each classroom, no provision was made for the addition of VCR's to the original equipment. In fact, it wasn't until these computers were delivered that we realized that VCR's could be connected to them! As a courtesy to colleagues, and because the use of the VCR's connected through the computer require some software support, computer lab teachers and assistants have provided assistance that was once the province of the school librarians. While it is possible to answer a question or provide some technical instruction concerning the use of VCR's, it is not part of the direct responsibility of the computer lab teachers or assistants to support this equipment. If the VCR itself is malfunctioning, you may contact Ben Fiorenti by sending a repair request to him at the high school.










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Your classroom computer should have a button on the desktop entitled, "Shortcut to Lab Schedule." If you do not, please contact your computer lab teacher assistant or computer lab teacher to have one installed.

By double-clicking this button, you will be connected to the computer lab's web site, and will be able to view the lab schedule for the next few weeks by clicking on a specific week. You will find instructions for filling in your name on the schedule at the top of each week's page.

Please be considerate of your classroom colleagues, and only schedule time during the week when you need it. While it is certainly possible for you to schedule several visits to the lab during a given week, it means that access to your colleagues and their students is not as available. At this time, there is no restriction on the number of visits you may schedule to the lab each week, except as imposed by the requirements of courtesy to your colleagues.











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The keyboard and mouse installed with the black "Destination" computer in your classroom are similar to the remote control used with your cable TV at home. They require batteries to operate, and signal their need for replacement batteries by becoming erratic and not functioning as reliably as when the batteries are new. You may obtain replacement batteries from your computer lab teacher assistant. If you need instructions on how to install these batteries in the keyboard or mouse, please contact your  computer teacher










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Each computer teacher is responsible for all grade levels and assignments in your school. We recommend that you contact the specific teacher to make appointments. If you want your computer teacher to provide instruction to your class, it would be helpful to set up an appointment ahead of time to discuss your curriculum requirements.











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It would fill an entire book to discuss the reasons for having to restart a computer. Suffice to say, during the normal course of a day, you should restart your classroom computers several times. It is the equivalent of taking a nap, and restores your computer to good order each time.

In order to restart your computer, click the "Start" button located on the bottom-left corner of your monitor. When the menu pops up, click on the "Shut down" command once. When the Shutdown menu appears, change the radio button choice to "Restart," then click the "OK" button to proceed.

RESTARTING your computer is the single best repair for software and hardware glitches you can do!










TeacherStuff FOLDER

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In order for you to have access to your work and your students' documents from anywhere in the building, we have created a shared folder called "TeacherStuff." This folder is physically located on the computer in the computer lab we have designated as a "server." Inside this folder, you will see the names of all the teachers and classes in your building. You can access this folder from any computer. If you want to learn how to access your shared folder from your classroom, or how to save documents in the computer lab so that they are accessible later in your classroom, please contact your designated computer teacher. Please note that this "TeacherStuff" folder, by its nature, is visible around the school (but not outside), and should therefore not be used for private storage of any kind.














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Like every other area of education, there are too few of us to handle too many chores. If you have a colleague nearby who is an acknowledged technology "wiz," we recommend that you find out his/her favorite flavor of coffee, and provide the same whenever you have questions concerning the use of technology in your classroom. Try it - it works!