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Welcome to Family Math Night at the Herricks School District!

A List of Math Websites for Parents and Students

Who said learning math can't be fun?  Just click on the links below and connect to great math activities!

 Beginning Math Activities:

Number Matching - Match number to groups of objects.
Gone Fishing - Match number of fish to number on fishing pole.
Crazy Pattern Machine - Complete the pattern with the correct shape.
Paint by Number - Solve simple addition problems to paint the picture.
Bunny Count - Count and match objects and numbers.
One False Move - Put numbers in right sequence.
Guess the Number - Guess numbers with high, low clues.
Monster Math - Designed to introduce and review a variety of basic math concepts such as counting, addition and multiplication.
Base Ten Count - Group ones into tens to see what number comes up.

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Basic Facts: Facts/Whole Numbers/Number Lines (all grade levels):

Animated Math Glossary - Great site for learning math vocabulary!
Interactive Math Calculator
Cookie Dough - Using numbers or words, fill out a check.
Math Baseball - Answer the math problem and swing (fact drills)!
Math Car Racing - Beat the math car by solving the problem (fact drills).
Power Football - Score a field goal by solving the math problem.
Tic Tac Toe - Practice with + - * / squares, cubes.
AAA Math - Hundreds of pages of basic math skills at all grade levels.
Interactive Multiplication Games - 14 different interactive games to practice your multiplication skills, including "Concentration," "Flash Fun," and "Math-O".
S.O.S. Math - Multiplication table.
Math Mad Minutes - Online math quizzes.
Math Mayhem - Put your math skills to the ultimate challenge (+,-,*,/).
Math Cyberchallenge -  Interactive timed math skills (+,-,*,/).
Spacey Math - Practice your math skills as you help protect the space station from alien attacks! (+,-,*,/)
A+ Math - Flashcards.

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Consumer Math (Money) - These pages teach consumer math covered in K8 math courses. Each page has an explanation, interactive practice and challenge games about consumer math. 
Money Experience for Kids - Three types of games: Making Change, Spending Money, Piggybank Break-In.
Changemaker - Get money in your bank by figuring out the correct change.
KidsBank - Information about money, savings, checking, interest.. plus related quizzes and games.
Investing for Kids - Another great site from Thinkquest about stocks, bonds, mutual funds and the like. It teaches the principles of saving and investing. It also includes a stock game.
Moneyopolis - Financial planning game for kids.

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All About Geometry - These pages teach geometry facts covered in K8 math courses. Each page has an explanation, interactive practice and challenge games about geometry.
Nuts About Geometry - From Thinkquest, includes activities.
Geometric Terms - Matching game with common geometric terms.
Geometric Flashcards - Match the shape to the name.
Geometry Review Page - Information about all kinds of shapes.
Introduction to Angles - Matching game with common terms related to angles.
Shape Surveyor - Learn about area and perimeter.
Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies - Activity on area and perimeter of polygons.
Interactive Tangram
What are Tessellations?
What is a Tessellation?
Totally Tessellated

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Create a Graph - Online activity... create bar graph, pie chart, line graph.
What's the Point? - Graphing skills with coordinate points.
Lunar Adventure - Online activity...graph coordinates to capture asteroid.

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Measurement and Weight:

The World of Measurement - This site is an introduction to measurement for upper elementary students. Learn about length, mass, temperature, time, and volume. 
Measure It! - a ruler in inches or centimeters.
Metrics Matter - Thinkquest tutorial about the metric system.

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Place Value:

All About Place Value - These pages teach place value skills covered in K8 math courses. Each page has an explanation, interactive practice and challenge games about place values.
Place Value Puzzler - Activity by Funbrain (click on digit with the given place value).

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Brain Teasers!

Puzzles and Numbers - Brainbending challenges.
Figure This! - Math challenges for families.
Brain Teasers - Each Wednesday evening this site posts a new Brain Teaser for each grade-range. Solutions are posted a week later. Good luck and
have fun! 
Aunty Math's Fun Challenges

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Homework Help:

Ask Dr. Math
Math Goodies Homework Help
A+ Homework Helper - Homework Helper will allow you to input a problem and your answer. It will then figure out if your solution is correct.

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