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A "Bibliography," also known as a "Works Cited Page," is a list of the sources you have used during your research. It is extremely important to include this information in any research that you do.  Failure to include your sources puts you in danger of plagiarizing! 



Go to this link from the OSLIS website to view the proper FORMAT for doing your citations. They have examples and forms you can print out to help compile your resources.

You may use Citation MakerNoodle Tools or EasyBib to create your bibliography online.

Citing Images and Pictures

Images or pictures that you decide to use in a presentation or research papers must be cited. Only those that are obtained from royalty free clip art, such as the clip art available in Microsoft Word or Powerpoint do not need citing. Any items obtained from the web or scanned from a print source should be attributed to the owner of the copyrighted work.!

As a general rule, the following elements are needed in the citation:

  • Artist's Name, if known
  • Title of Image
  • Title of the image, if known (if not, use a description)
  • Institution where held, if known.
  • Title of article or book (if applicable)
  • Author of article or book (if applicable)
  • Title and Date of magazine (if applicable)
  • Database name (if applicable)
  • Date of access if online or publication if originally from print material
  • URL (if applicable)

More Information about citations: