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Teacher Technology Tools:

Teaching Technology Productivity Tools on the Web!

  • Assign-A-Day - This FREE tool is designed to enhance teacher and student communication through an on-line teacher-managed calendar. Teachers create a calendar for each of their classes and add assignments for the students to view. Students view their teachers’ calendars in order to see assignments for classes they might have missed, or to get an overview of the class
  • Teacher's Domain - a multimedia digital library for K-12 teachers and students. You'll find an extensive collection of classroom-ready resources, as well as media-rich lesson plans and professional development resources. Each resource is catalogued by grade level and correlated to national and state standards. Teachers' Domain is produced by WGBH, with major funding from the National Science Foundation.
  • Learning Checklists -  Project-based learning checklists for for written reports, multimedia projects, oral presentations, and science projects. The use of these checklists keeps students on track and allows them to take responsibility for their own learning through peer- and self-evaluation.
  • Think Tank -Think Tank is designed to help students (grades 3-8) develop a Research Organizer (a list of topics and subtopics) for reports and projects. Based on the subject assigned, the students can refine it by choosing from a variety of suggestions and by using a random subtopic generator. This helps students learn how to refine a subject so that it is more manageable for Internet research.
  • QuizStar - QuizStar is a FREE web-based program!
    Access QuizStar from work or at home; Create quizzes for students to take and review online; Utilize the robust Report Management tools; Create multi-lingual quizzes; and much more!
  • Discovery School's Teaching Tools: Create quizzes, lesson plans, puzzles, and worksheets.
  • Scholastic Tools - Class Set-Up tool is a new, easy-to-use, virtual layout tool that helps you design customized and effective classrooms to promote learning. Use this tool to rearrange and set-up mock classrooms, and map out virtual seating charts.
  • Hot Potatoes -The Hot Potatoes suite includes six applications, enabling you to create interactive multiple-choice, short-answer, jumbled-sentence, crossword, matching/ordering and gap-fill exercises for the World Wide Web. Hot Potatoes is not freeware, but it is free of charge for those working for publicly-funded non-profit-making educational institutions, who make their pages available on the web.
  • Backflip - Store your Internet bookmarks online and access them from any computer.
  • Zoomerang - Create online surveys.
  • Education World Teacher Tools:  Templates for just about everything a teacher needs!  Certificates, letters, venn diagrams and more.
  • Word Search Maker - Create your own wordsearches!
  • Venn Diagram Creator
  • Presentors Online -  Do you have to make a presentation?  Here are some excellent tips!
  • Timeline Maker
  • Create a Graph
  • Brainy Betty's Free PowerPoint Backgrounds
  • Laura's Midi Heaven - For downloading sounds
  • Free Music Directory


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