A detailed introduction to led high bay and led low bay lighting

A detailed introduction to led high bay and led low bay lighting

Lighting is an essential and unavoidable application of electrical technology. It is used in homes, offices, streets, and industries. Nothing is possible without electrical lighting in industrial or personal life. Different kinds of lighting, such as commercial electric led and residential lighting, have essential purposes in today’s life.

Lighting with its technologies

Electrical lighting has many different types of features and technologies used in it. There are two kinds of lighting, known as high hay lighting and low bay lighting, which are quite different from one another on behalf of their features and working methodology.

Lighting with high bay technology

High bay lights are used in large areas such as factories, gymnasiums, and manufacturing industries. High bay lights hang from the ceiling facing the floor to provide a lighting source to a vast range of areas. They have a life period of 30 to 60 times greater than other typical bulbs.

Uses of Led high bay lighting

There are different uses and applications of high bay lighting. They are the best substitute for metal halide, sodium lights, and fluorescent lights.

  1. Metal halide in lighting equipment causes a great wastage of heat energy, so instead of metal halide, LED high bay lights can be used to save energy such as heat and electricity.
  2. Sodium lights with high and low pressures have major issues during the period of warm-up and cool-down. But led high bay lights to have no issue regarding this. They can easily turn off and on without any time required for a cool down and warm up.
  3. Fluorescent lightings have many drawbacks, such as toxic elements usage, such as mercury which can pollute the surrounding environment and decrease the period of usage.

Led lighting with low bay technology

Low bay lighting is used in the ceilings of buildings with low mounting height. It can work efficiently around the 15 to 20 Feet ceiling.

Key features of Led low bay lighting

  1. They are used more beneficial for their greater lighting quality and color temperature.
  2. They have a life period of 40,000 hours to 45,000. So, they are extremely cost-friendly.
  3. They are environmentally friendly. They don’t realize any heat or environmental pollutants during their working hours.

Difference between led high bay lighting and led low bay lighting

LED high bay and low by lighting work quite similarly, but they have some differences in their technologies and features.

  1. High bay lights can be used for ceilings that have a height of around 30 to 45 feet. But low bay lights can only work under the height of 15 to 20 Feet ceiling.
  2. High bay lights are used in the areas such as gymnasiums, airport hangers, and factories. But low bay lights are used in the areas such as restaurants, gas stations, etc.
  3. Low bay lights emit less light than high bay lights. The emission of light depends upon the lumens used in that light equipment. In this regard, low bay lights have fewer numbers of lumens than high bay lights.