Explaining The Process Of Vacuum Casting Rapid Prototyping

Explaining The Process Of Vacuum Casting Rapid Prototyping

In many cases, metal vacuum casting is way much better than lots of other casting techniques. Because it is more rigid than a solid moreover it provides solid consistency so that it can create a better holding of other products. Even though the process is quite simple but really helpful.

Basically, it is an additive process used in conjunction with and creation of other prototyping products. Vacuum casting rapid prototyping is actually a cost-effective method with reliable results. The outcome you get from this tool is far better than other technology services.

So in this blog, you will get lots of information about vacuum casting rapid prototyping and silicone mold vacuum casting. If you want to get more information about it don't miss this article because this article is going to be very helpful for you in various ways. So without any second thought let's get started.

Which material is best

There are lots of things that contribute to the selection of material because if the material is not right then the product will not be as good as it is demanded. Although it depends on the client which material he prefers, quality still does matter.

In this process, different materials like PU imported PU, transported PU, ABS, and PC are used. With this mechanical work and better process, all the work has been done at a professional level. So that there is no chance of mistakes.

Low Volume Production

KAIAO is a very innovative and creative industry that always finds a better way to provide all the services to its customers. Low-volume production is very useful and efficient to work for better and improved vacuum casting. It is better because of the following:

  • Advanced process and technology
  • Different mould creation techniques
  • Fast and efficient

Working in vacuum casting

The working of this process is quite simple and easy. This process just turns your paperwork into a 3d model. If you want to create a highly important and very efficient vacuum casting product all the professional teams start doing this process. It has very easy steps.

It is worth working on because of its highly strategic growth and it needs a little more observation while it is happening. So this process is actually very important and functional. You can create metal molds or plastic molds. Below the process for plastic mold has been given

Steps of Processing

For silicone vacuum casting a silicone chamber is used and it is filled with polyurethane and then further steps are taken to make the best and high-quality vacuum casting product. All it is need is the following steps

Step 1: Creating Mold

Firstly a master has been created by a 3D printer or with the help of CNC Machining.

Step 2: Heating silicon

Now lots of silicon is heated so that it can trunk into liquid

Step 3: Addition of silicon

Thirdly the master will be added to that silicon liquid

Step 4: Cooling

In the fourth step, the master will be taken out of the silicon, and cooling the mold

Step 5: Inserting Liquid Plastic

Now melted plastic is poured onto that hole that is made with silicon. To set up like that product.

Step 6: Finishing

Lastly when the material becomes solid. Take it out for finishing. Your plastic products are ready.

Final Words

In a nutshell, silicone mould vacuum casting is a very convenient process for prototyping. It is more cost-effective, easy to process, and even better than lots of other casting services. So place an order for vacuum casting for better product manufacturing. If this blog was helpful let me know in the comment section.