Interesting Facts about the UWELL Caliburn Koko prime kit 

Interesting Facts about the UWELL Caliburn Koko prime kit 

The brand UWELL recently introduced the uwell caliburn koko prime kit into the existing e-cigarette Caliburn series. This prime pod kit  is an upgrade from the previous Caliburn Koko, so it has outstanding capabilities and delivers enough vapor and great flavor. The UWELL Caliburn Koko prime kit  has great review points that we’ll look at below. These review insights will also couple up as facts every vaping enthusiast needs to know as they browse the website to buy a prime pod system.

Incredible facts to know on UWELL Caliburn Koko prime Kit

Many assume that provided they enjoy the pod system; then there is no need to learn the particular electronic cigarette basics. This is not always the best thing to do. A little knowledge comes a long way. We shall review four significant points; the build, battery life, coils, and usage.

Stylish Build and design

This UWELL Caliburn Koko prime kit has a basic yet stylish form. It has a modern and stunning design promoted by the interchangeable side panels, which come in varying colors. Since they are magnetic, you can swap them out for the color of choice. It has a paint splatter and graffiti wordings that add to its beauty. The pod kit has a compact build and weighs approximately 48g. You can comfortably fit it on your palm or pockets, making the build and design the best.

Excellent battery life

The Koko prime system has a strong battery with a great charging system. The 690mAh battery has a maximum wattage of 15watts, capable of powering the device for an extended period. The kit uses type C charging to charge the battery fully. It takes about 40 to 45 minutes, so you can use your pod again after a short time of being dead.

Different coils

The UWELL Caliburn Koko prime kit uses two types of replaceable coils. The two 1.0ohm coils come with the kit, while you buy the 0.8ohm coils separately. These coils provide different kinds of flavor, but the Pro-FOCS flavor testing technology ensures they ate both excellent. This Koko prime kit does well with nicotine salts that burn and release warm vapor from the 1.0ohm coils. The coils have great longevity as they allow you to refill the kit severally before they need replacing. Also, they don’t leak, which keeps the interior and exterior safe.

Easy to use

UWELL Caliburn Koko prime kit is user-friendly and perfect for first-time vapers. The rounded shape makes it easy to click into place, and the windows provide a view of the e-juice level. To use the pod, remove the pre-installed coil and pour a few e-liquid drops to fill the cotton. Once done, put back the coil and use the pod.

Final words

The UWELL Caliburn Koko prime kit  is a descent vaping device. Besides a little difficulty some people experience while removing the fill cup, it offers more positive vibes. It is compact, light, has colorful exquisite panels, and is very easy to use. This vaping device offers excellent vapor and flavor, something you can never go wrong with.