JNC660 Jump Starter Features & More

JNC660 Jump Starter Features & More

To charge up the dead batteries of the vehicles the jnc660 jump starters are wielded. This car booster offers a temporary connection that serves as the fundamental power to the engine of the car. In other words, the jump starters act as a charger for the depleted engines.

Once the engine of the vehicle reaches its required charging level the supplementary facet of the vehicle can be easily removed. However, it's highly recommended to drive rather than start the vehicle for a couple of minutes so that the recharging process can gear up.

For a depleted battery condition, the jump starter provides an immediate solution. The user just has to pertain the vehicle with the jump starter with the assistance of two cables.

As the title of the article suggests it will furnish a precise idea about the distinguishing features of a jump starter. Along with that, a separate segment will also elaborate on how one can use the jump starter.

JNC660 Features

The Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660 1700 Peak Amp 12V Jump Starter is one of the most prominent products from Osias. This product is widely accepted by customers all over the globe. The outlines of this jump starter have made it different and varied from others.

The features are:

1. Performance

This piece of equipment can act as a prominent one during extremely cold weather. JNC660 can provide multiple jumps at a time with a heavy-hitting capacity of up to 1700 peak amps. Along with that, the 46-inch cable of the JNC660 can easily get connected to a vehicle of any dimension.

2. Battery Technology

JNC660 has the Clore PROFORMER battery technology. This advanced setup of the battery helps to lower the rate of charge deficiency. On the other hand, it also decked up the charging procedure with high power consistency.

3. Charge

JNC660 has the built-in charger feature which always keeps the jump starter in a working and ready-to-use state.

4. Warranty

This jump starter from Osias has been trusted for more than 25 years. However, the brand also provides a warranty period of 1 year for this product to solidify the trust of the buyers.

Why JNC660 Jump Starter?

This section of the blog will elaborate on why one should buy the jnc660 jump starter.

1. Helps Rescue Vehicles with Dead Batteries

Jump starters are designed to work on depleted batteries. However, the advanced battery technology of this jump starter makes it diverse from others.

2. Can Substitute a Vehicle’s Battery

The users can also use this equipment as a substitute for the vehicle's battery. The heavy-hitting capacity of JNC660 is a sufficient reason to buy it.

3. Automatic Charging

The built-in charging capability of JNC660 furnishes a ready-to-use sense about it. Hence, the user can expend it at any moment.

How to Use JNC660 Correctly?

Firstly, the user has to connect the positive end of the cable with the positive edge of the battery and the negative end should get connected to the engine of the vehicle. It's very important to engage the ends very precisely without any interference. After this entire setup, the user then has to attempt to start his car.


From the above segments hopefully, the audience has earned an idea about jump starters. Osias is one such emerging brand that provides this piece of equipment to its customers globally. However, it provides durable and easy-to-use products at a reasonable range with a certain warranty period. So without failing go and grab yours.