Pop Its: The New Fidget Toy In Town

Pop Its: The New Fidget Toy In Town

You probably may have seen it or heard about it. These pop its have grown in popularity in recent times and have become the go-to fidget toy for many.

In today's world of stress and anxiety, fidget toys have become increasingly mainstream. If you're just discovering pop its, here are some things to know about the toy.

What is pop its?

Depending on where you are, pop its are also known as Go Pop or Last One Lost. It usually has a bright-coloured. The toy mostly comes in a tray with pokable bubbles.

They can sometimes have different colors and be made into different shapes and sizes. If you've ever played with a bubble wrap and enjoyed it, then the pop its toy is just right for you! An interesting characteristic of the pop its toy is that it's reusable after each pop.

How did pop its get so popular?

Decades ago, it would have been strange that the internet could influence our lifestyle or how we do things. Fast forward to this day and age, and it's a wonder how much effect the internet has on our daily lives.

Pop its became popular when TikTok influencers began using them in their videos in the Spring of 2021. It's also no surprise that the period coincides with the pandemic period. They became a hit because they were a great stress reliever for boredom.

One of TikTok's influencers to have used and grown the pop its toy was Gaitlyn Rae. Gaitlyn Rae is a sensational capuchin monkey who has garnered over 8 million followers on TikTok.

Watching a capuchin monkey play around with an enhanced bubble wrap got everyone interested. Soon enough, everyone started buying and playing with them. Not only is it fun to pop, it's also easy to play with.

Benefits of using pop its toys

Like other fidget toys, pop its has amazing benefits for both kids and adults. Although mostly associated with kids, these toys have several benefits for users.

Improves learning

Using fidget toys like pop its helps improve concentration and learning. This is because popping the silicon bubbles requires a bit of concentration. Over time, this increases the focus ability of the brain.

In and out of the classroom, improved learning and concentration help kids get better at things. The same applies to adults in today's world of growing distractions.

Improves eye-hand coordination

This also helps in brain development but works in many aspects of life. Manipulating pop has the user trying to find available silicon bubbles and quickly popping them with the finger.

As users continue to use pop its, their eye-hand coordination improves. For a child, this helps in writing and promoting overall success. For adults, the eye-hand coordination is beneficial in many jobs or professions. Our hands play an important part in our daily lives. Eye-hand coordination is always a necessary skill for anyone to learn.

Reduce stress and anxiety

This was the primary reason fidget toys were created. They can have a calming effect on the user as focus and concentration shut off other anxiety-trigger thoughts.

It's a necessary tool for kids and adults dealing with ADHD, autism, and other symptoms affecting attention. Fidget toys are medically recommended and encouraged for both kids and adults.


Fidget toys has played an instrumental role for people with anxiety disorders. However, its reignited popularity has seen it sales increase exponentially in the past years. Social media has, yet again, proven to be a great marketing tool for pop its. This does not in any way diminish its amazing benefits.