Storyline of the book

Storyline of the book "Magic blood of Alpha's broken mate."

This book describes an exciting story of an alpha werewolf with minor importance in her pack. Being a product of forced pregnancy, Sarah is a horrible memory for her mother. Her father is an alpha male who tolerates her for the magic in her blood. Being despised by everyone, Sarah desperately wants someone who can love her. But unfortunately, the alpha's broken mate whom she trusted and started developing some feelings used her, and she lost hope. Did her mother die? How did Patrick, the alpha king, use Sarah? Will Sarah find love and peace? To find the answers, you can read the book beautifully written by "Lilibeth." Following is a short description of the initial chapters:

Chapter 1:

Sarah donates her magic blood again to her sister. Having bruises all over her body stings her, and Gal agrees. It's her 18th birthday, and no one remembers it. She takes out a chocolate muffin with a little candle, and Gal asks her to make a wish. She asks if she can find her mother, but Omega and Gal tell her not to hope for the more painful things. They tell her that her mother hates the memory that someone like you exists. However, Sarah neglects the disturbing gossip and goes to crystal lake. There she finds her mother and asks her to celebrate her birthday together. Tania, the mother of Sarah, hates this sight and asks Sarah to go away, while Sarah keeps begging to spend the day together.

Meanwhile, Tania sees bruises on Sarah's body and asks her what the matter is. Sarah tries to hide her bruises; on seeing this, Tania's heart shatters, and she asks her daughter to flee away together. Both get emotional, and Tania asks Sarah to trust her mom.

Chapter 2:

Sarah mourns after the death of her mother and keeps on recollecting the memory of her mother's last words. She remembers how Tania asked her to escape to have freedom, and then she dragged her into the crystal lake. But she got startled and didn't like this way of space and tried to stop her mother. On this, Tania drove her to the corner and allowed herself to drown in the depths. While thinking all this in the hospital room, she feels her world has collapsed. She remembers that her mother said, "Finally, I am free now." This leaves her heartbroken, and at this time, she hears a knock at the door. She thinks it will be her father to deliver food, but it turns out to be Patrick. He hugs her, consoles her over her grief and wipes the tear dripping off her cheek. Sarah hides her needle bruises from him and tells him that her mother cares about her differently. She says, "We reunited to be parted." Patrick assures her that things will be fine, though he doesn't know what to do.

Chapter 3:

While embracing, Mark, Sarah's brother, and the doctor enter the room. Sarah understands that it's time for another blood donation. Mark starts to say something, and Patrick stops him, gesturing that Sarah is not well and we will talk later. It is actually about the marriage of Patrick and the elder sister of Sarah. The doctor takes the blood and tells her that this arduous period will soon end. Sarah feels relief after hearing this.