The Most Common Pressure Washer Applications

The Most Common Pressure Washer Applications

Spring is almost around the corner, and while it provides plenty to be thrilled about, it also brings the bother of spring cleaning. During the warm weather, the snow melts and it reveals the dirt that has been gathered during the Winter. It sounds like quite a difficult task. For that, you can rely on pressure washers.

Regardless of how many additional tasks they may perform, many people end themselves in THD to get one. Anyone on the fence about purchasing one may be interested in understanding what more they can accomplish.

Here you can find ten various ways to use this amazing equipment to deep-clean your home and things.

Cans of Garbage

Give the garbage cans a once-over with the pressure washer to remove odors and germs. It is advised to have detergent diluted with water for cleaning. Afterward, it should be left for an hour and then removed by scraping and spraying the sides.


To clean bikes, wagons, slides, and playsets, use a low-pressure washer setting and a 40-degree nozzle, as these surfaces can easily gouge. On kid-friendly surfaces, use a non-toxic soap.

Swimming Pools

A popular end-of-summer project is to use a pressure washer to remove muck caught between tiles. Drain and properly dry your pool. Sweep up any collected garbage. Begin by washing the walls from bottom to top with a pressure washer detergent, taking care to catch any algae that may be forming.

Stairs, Floors, and Walkways

Your home's stairs and walkways may probably use a good cleaning. A pressure washer can finish the work in ten minutes!

Painting Preparation

Before painting, use your pressure washer to clean any exterior surfaces. This includes patio furniture, fencing, and even the home's facade.

Furniture for the Patio

It is also recommended to use the washer for cleaning the outdoor patio preferably in an open space so that other items would not get wet and affected by the water splashes.


You can completely rely on the washer if you have peeled painted surface, the washer can easily remove that in a matter of minutes.


Pressure washers do not only add to the beauty of your home. For cleaning a wooden deck, it is advised to have a safety attachment installed that can prevent dew formation on the wooden surface. It can help in the longevity of the wooden deck.

Exteriors of Houses

Want to spruce up your paint job without having to re-paint your entire house? Or resurrect a dingy-looking stucco? Different types of home surfaces can be washed with it. However, the most common types include brick cleaning.


Driveways are subjected to harsh weather and heavy foot traffic and cleaning them by other means might be difficult when they are made of concrete. Try cleaning them with a pressure washer, which should have little trouble removing debris from the surface.

Final Words

If you like immediate delight when it comes to cleaning and house maintenance, pressure washing may be right up your alley. You may, on the other hand, decide that pressure cleaning is just too much trouble. That's perfectly OK!