Things you can Carry in your Keychain Wallet

Things you can Carry in your Keychain Wallet

When leaving your house at any moment, there are essentials you cannot leave behind. Under such a scenario, you will need a keychain wallet to ease the burden of carrying things in different wallets or bags. This incredible wallet is a perfect plan when you are getting late, and you need to carry everything with you. Aside from helping you carry your belongings well, it can also enhance protection to what you are carrying. So, are you wondering what you can include in your keychain wallet? This article will give you exclusive items perfect for carrying in a keychain wallet.

Top Things you can carry in your Keychain Wallet

Pocket Knife

If you have never been attacked when not prepared before, you won’t realize the need to carry a small pocket knife. Well, until then, you will never leave this knife for self-defense when leaving the house. This knife could also save you a big deal when on camping trips.

Car and House Keys

Keys are among the essential items that can get lost at any moment. When they get lost, it means trouble. The last thing you wish is to get locked out of your house simply because you don’t have keys. So, a keychain wallet is a perfect plan to carry your keys. You can clip them on the keychain for convenience. In some instances, you can lock your keys inside unknowingly. Now, when you have a spare key on your keychain wallet, you will have saved yourself from more troubles.


When away, you can never know when you will need your flashlight. Imagine a scenario when you are in dire need of a flashlight, yet it is deep in your bag, a place you cannot locate easily. When you have your flashlight clipped on your keychain wallet, it becomes easy to use at any given moment. One more thing about flashlight and keychain wallets, the size of the flashlight is simply perfect for a keychain wallet. As much as it doesn’t produce plenty of light, it is worth carrying more than when you carry a big flashlight in the bag. This creates a room and space to store your other items.

Self-Defense Alarm

When walking away from home, you can never know when the attack will happen and how extreme it can be. For instance, what if the attack happens during odd hours and when there aren’t many people? You will need a self-defense alarm in such an instance, especially for women. So, clip the alarm on your keychain wallet so that it can sound when triggered. The sound alone can scare the attackers and make them leave you. Also, the alarm can alert nearby people to come to your rescue.


A multi-tool is a collection of small and different tools that can help you in different ways. For Instance, scissors and pliers can be effective at times when you least expect to use them. Clipping them on your keychain wallet is a time-saver hack.


When leaving a house, you need to stay prepared with anything you might require along the way. Consider having a keychain wallet for easy movements.