Vaporesso Xros 2 User Guide 2022

Vaporesso Xros 2 User Guide 2022

When it comes to vape pod system manufacturers, Vaporesso is becoming a dynamic and vibrant producer of pod kits in the industry. For several years Vaporesso has constantly created quality vape pod kits.

The new arrival in the pod kit world, Vaporesso Xros 2, an upgrade of the original Vaporesso Xros, is every vaper's dream vape pod kit.

Vaporesso Xros 2 Pod Kit

The Vaporesso Xros 2 is slightly larger than the original version. Its fire button is similarly round, but unlike the Xros series, this one protrudes a bit from the body. Xros 2 has two very responsive firing options. You can draw on the mouthpiece or use the button to vape.

Vaporesso Xros 2 is built with high-quality corrosion-resistant stainless steel and has a slim, compact construction. Besides being portable and easy to pocket, Xros 2 is super stylish.

This MTL pod kit is designed to be used with nicotine salt E-liquid. It is a refillable pod kit but you cannot change the coil because the pods are sealed.

Vaporesso Xros 2 Charger and Battery

The Xros 2 recharges using a USB Type-C cable inserted in the charging port at the bottom of the device. The 1000Ah battery can go from zero to full charge in 60 minutes and has a pass-thru feature which means you can vape when it is still charging.

4 LED lights below the firing button light up when you vape to indicate how much charge is remaining:

  • 1 LED - Battery below 25%
  • 2 LED's - Battery below 50%
  • 3 LED's - Battery below 75%
  • 4 LED's - Battery above 75%

The battery life of Xros 2 is quite impressive. With one full charge, you can vape two ejuice pods. The battery can last for days if you are not a heavy vaper. Do not Vaporesso Xros 2 kit with a wall adapter for mobile devices.

Vaporesso Xros 2 Pods

Vaporesso Xros 2 is compatible with all Xros pods. It comes with 2 pods in the packaging. A 1.2Ω pod and a 0.8Ω mesh pod. The pods have an ejuice capacity of 2ml and are easily refillable on the top.

Xros 2 pods are completely clear all around so you can easily see your vape juice level without removing the pod from the device. This helps you protect the coil from dry burning because you can see when the ejuice is about to finish.

The Xros 2 mouthpiece also acts as a cap which you can remove to access the fill port and refill your pod.

How to Use The Vaporesso Xros 2 Pod Kit

Now that we know the features of the Vaporesso Xros 2 pod kit, it's time to start enjoying its multiple functionalities. In the box you will find:

  • 1 Vaporesso Xros 2 Device
  • 1 Type-C USB cable
  • 1 Xros 1.2Ω Pod
  • 1 Xros 0.8Ω mesh pod
  • User Manual

#1: Plug your Type-C USB cable into the charging port and charge your device for at least an hour and a half. The LED light will indicate when it's fully charged.

#2: Fill the pod with the E-liquid by removing the mouthpiece and inserting the fill tip of your E-liquid bottle into the fill port. Squeeze the bottle gently until the liquid reaches the fill line.

#3: Allow the pod to rest for 6 minutes to let the wick saturate with the liquid. Attach the pod to the magnetic pod connection and turn it on.