What is the Cost of NBA 2k23?

What is the Cost of NBA 2k23?

Even though NBA 2k23 is not released yet, the prediction and expectations from this game are very high. This game has become one of the hot topics of 2022 in video gaming. As NB 2K3 started its video gaming production in 2004, its games became the world's most played games because of thrilling gameplay and exciting, challenging series.

From the start, NBA 2k released a new version of this game almost every year, and NBA 2k23 is the surprise of this year 2022. This game will be released on top PlayStations like PC and XBOX at the start of winter. So, the wait is about to end!

However, with the upcoming release date of the game, a constant debate about the price of this version is on the market. Many people say that the game has a bit high cost than previous versions.

So, here we will have a quick look at a few previous versions of this game as well as the expected cost of NBA 2k23. So, let's get started!

NBA 2K21

NBA 2K21's Standard Edition is priced at 59.99 dollars and is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 3/Xbox 360. It is also available for PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Switch.

The Standard Edition includes the full game experience with all content from the digital version, including MyCAREER mode, MyTeam mode (both offline & online), dunk contest, streetball, legends team pack & more!

NBA 2K21's Digital Deluxe

The NBA 2K21 Digital Deluxe is priced at 79.99 dollars with the following things in the package:

  • The game on disc (with all future DLC included)
  • All current MyTeam packs from past seasons (including Kobe Bryant and LeBron James)
  • Kevin Durant MyTeam card

NBA 2K21’s Mamba Forever

The Mamba Forever comes in 99.99 dollars, but with the pre-order you can lower the price significantly to 68 dollars if you’ll buy the game with NBA 2K18 and its Deluxe Edition. The total price will become 70 dollars after tax.

For example, if you buy the game with NBA 2K18 and its Deluxe Edition for 79.99 dollars (a 20% discount), then the total cost will become 68 dollars in total, 70 dollars after tax (and before any other discounts).

What is the Expected cost of NBA 2k23?

If you are looking for NBA 2k23 price, nothing is real on the internet because the price is not announced yet. So, everything out there is not 100%true. However, with the expectations, the expected price is also there that is about 59.99 dollars.

The cost of NBA 2k23 is similar to previous versions. It's more expensive than most games, but it's also cheaper than other sports games like Madden NFL and NHL.

The same price applies to all platforms, including console, PC, and mobile devices, so if you have played a previous version before then, get code for this one as well.

So, as you see, the expected price is not as much as many people are claiming, and the amazing features of this game make its price worth spending. So, wait a bit more to enjoy the new challenging series of NBA 2k23.


In conclusion, if you are a fan of the NBA and want to play the game, then it might be worth your time to install NBA 2K23 on your computer. The price of this game has increased by close to $5, which is not much considering that it is still one of the best games out there today.

If you are looking for something new with great graphics, then maybe consider buying this version instead of the one from last year because they have improved even more over time.