What Is The Process of Dying A Highlight Wig

What Is The Process of Dying A Highlight Wig

If you buy a Highlight Wig from hairsmarket's store, you will use the wig for a long period. However, after an extended period, your wig color may become boring, and you want to Dye. Here is the process to follow;

Get all the materials

The first thing and the most important is getting all the necessary materials for the dying process. By materials, we are not precisely speaking about the Dye itself. You need other secondary materials to ensure you have a successful dying process. Materials like a wig stand, one or more bowls, combs, brush, water, and shampoo. These materials are very crucial to the dying process, and without them, your dying result will be rough. However, you may need other materials like clothing to clean the working area and your hands.

Choose a hair Dye color

Your Highlight Wig is already a light color. It is near impossible to Dye a hair that is light to a more golden color. Of course, it will work at first, but the result is never a good one. So the color you must pick has to be the darker shades of colors. With a Highlight Wig, the common options are the ginger(orange) color or the burgundy color. These colors are great dark colors that work perfectly.

Get a developer

The Dye is the main component that will change the color, but the working process of the Dye will depend on the developer. The developer is what you will mix with the Dye to give you the desired color. Luckily, most Dye companies also make their respective developers that you can use with their products. It is best if you purchase a developer.

Mix Dye in a bowl

Once you have both the Dye and developer at hand, you need to start mixing them. Remember to reduce the amount of water that you will be putting into your dye while you mix it. What you can do is check how much hair the wig you are trying to Dye has while you mix. Mix in a large bowl that has lots of space to run.

Test with a few strands

The first thing you want to do while you are dying the hair is first to try out a few strands. You need first to check the strands to see the resulting color and whether you need to mix. You can use a small brush to do the testing at first. That will give you an idea of what to do next.

Fill up the wig in the Dye

If your Dye mix is sufficient, you can immerse the wig into the mixture and keep rolling. Try to ensure that the Dye gets to every point in the mix. After that, remove the wig and add dye to vital areas with a brush. After that, you can wash the wig and add a cconditioner after it's dry.


As long as your wig was created or made with Human hair, changing the color is your full choice. What is more interesting is that you can change it to as many colors as you want. However, what you must note is the color that you are changing it to needs to be deeper than the present color. We have explained the dying process of the Highlight Wig above. You need to get all necessary dying materials before you start. If you don't have some of the materials, you may not have a successful dying process.